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There are many science games available today. In fact, there are so many, it would take me months to write about all of them.

Some of our favorite providers of science games include Genius Games, Looney Labs creates the Fluxx games (not all their games are science-related, but many are), and Stonemaier Games create the Wingspan games.

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Science games for preschoolers

Engineering Ants is an excellent cooperative engineering game for preschoolers.

engineering ants

Robot Turtles is the perfect introduction to coding for preschoolers, but can be made harder to challenge even advanced coders!

The Botley Coding Robot is an awesome next step for young coders, applying their coding expertise to an actual robot.

Goldie Blox Spinning Machine and Dunk Tank, all set up

Goldie Blox has many different engineering kits for young engineers, perfect for ages 4-7.

Elementary level

Totally Gross is a favorite of my family. My kids love being gross, and if yours do, too, they’ll also love this game!

Totally Gross! board

Blokus is great for improving spatial awareness, fine motor control, and hand-eye coordination.

Science Explosion is another great overview for younger players. I think it’s ideal for ages 6-10, and covers a huge array of topics.

Science Explosion game
Scabs and Guts components

Scabs and Guts is a fantastic trivia game on the human body! Not quite as focused on the disgusting as Totally Gross, but lots of trivia questions about our bodies.

The Evolution games (by Northstar Games) provide quite the introduction to evolution principles. Plus, they’re really fun to play! (We happen to have the Jr. version, but there are more advanced versions, too.)

Evolution: The Beginning

More advanced: middle to high school


Wingspan is big, beautiful, and has a price to match. Stonemaier Games does a great job of incorporating many real-life aspects of birds, facts, and where birds are from.

There are many different versions of the Fluxx games. Anatomy, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Nature are all factual science games, though there are several science-fiction versions, too. The fast gameplay and ever-changing rules make these a hit!

Fluxx Games
Mission Critical: Mars game

Mission Critical: Mars is perfect for those that like high-stakes cooperative games! It’s timed, so not a great fit for my family, but many others love this game.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigators: The Board Game is perfect for those fans of the CSI TV show.

CSI board game

As you can see, even just the science games I’ve covered in the blog so far are quite extensive. You’re sure to find the perfect game for your family out there! But if you need even more, check out these free print-and-play games!

Are you ready to add some awesome science books to your homeschool? Check them out!

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