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Variety is the spice of life, they say, and I agree! I love having a ton of different games to choose from, but more often than not, my budget says “sorry, no.” That’s where free print-and-play games come in!

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There are many free printable games available online. Here’s what you need:

Printer Access (color printing is best)
Laminator (not vital, but keeps your games like new so they last)
Spare Pawns (or spare LEGOs or other small toys; I won’t judge)

Sources of free print-and-play games for preschoolers:

Castles and Cats has some free printable role-playing games that can work for preschoolers
Messy Little Monster has a collection of a wide variety of games, from math to sight words, color sorting, emotional intelligence, and more! Perfect for preschoolers!
Simple Everyday Mom has a Star Wars I Spy game
Paging Supermom has this awesome chore game (okay, I totally want to play this with my kids)!
Mr. Printables has an animal charades game
Wondermom Wannabe has a free printable Tangrams activity
Do your little (or not-so-little) ones need motion? Try this free movement dice game from Hey Let’s Make Stuff!
Does your preschooler love bugs? Try this catch-a-bug game from Picklebums on a rainy day!
Any Pete the Cat fans out there? You’ll love this adorable game from Crystal and Comp
Kid Zone has some alphabet recognition games

If you want to buy a game or two, check out my roundup of the preschool games my family has enjoyed!

Math Games

The Measured Mom has several games available
Math Geek Mama has more games
Here’s a Roman numerals game
Math Dice is easy to DIY, and I have a worksheet for free download, too.
The game Qwixx can be played with a handful of regular dice. Here are the scorecard and instructions
Math Curious has a lot of math games
Multiplication Battleship

Beast Academy has several printable games to supplement their curriculum (but they’re fun all on their own)
Parent Concept has a free algebra game
You’ve Got This Math has a ton of free printables
Fingerpaint and Spaghetti has a free Roman Numeral caterpillar game
123Homeschool4Me has a huge list of printable math games
Mathematics Shed has a nice collection in this free download – just print the pages you want!
Math-Salamanders has a wide variety of different math games, organized by topic
Math Easily also has free printable math games
This Reading Mama has a free game to practice telling time on analog clocks; I love that there are different levels!

If you’d like to look at a couple of games to purchase (some can even be DIY’d!), check out the many math games available!

Free Science Games

Periodic Table Battleship
Abundant Atoms chemistry game is available from Teaching Without Chairs
Science with Mrs. Lau has some free games (available after you sign up for her newsletter)
Phylo is a Pokemon-like game using real creatures
Elemental Science has a nice collection of a variety of different science games and activities
123Homeschool4Me offers a free Animal Habitat Game
If you sign up for their 30-day free trial, Scholastic offers hundreds of free print-and-play games. Just make sure to make an event on your calendar reminding you to cancel!
Ecosystem for Kids has 2 different printable boards that you can pair with your choice of flashcards on Adaptations, Classification, Force and Motion, or Living & Nonliving – perfect for 6th graders!
Brittany Washburn has 3 Coding Quests – printable computer science games!
Here’s a yummy Atoms and Isotopes game by Elemental Science
Sugar Spice and Glitter has a game to teach about healthy eating and nutrition
Chemistry Nguyen offers a free Chemistry Taboo download

Do you think you might be ready to purchase a game? Check out my family’s favorite science games!

Social Studies, Geography, and History Print-and-Play Games

crispin board game” by normanack is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Journey Home is a fun game made by an indigenous person, about the First Nations
Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has a collection of free printable games
If you want to incorporate flashcards into a board game, Kid Social Studies has both the flashcards and boards.
Here’s a free Black History Month trivia game by Student Handouts
Deceptively Educational has a free Ancient Greek Temple Building Game, as well as a printable Underground Railroad Quilt Game
Here’s a game about the Civil War by Uhlan Games
You can print your own Genghis Khan game using the files on Board Game Geek, as well as Kolejka (a game about living in a communist country)
Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop has a Viking Voyages game

Here are the Social Studies and Geography games my family has tried. Find your new favorite today!

Free English/Language Arts Games

Castles and Cats has some free printable role-playing games, perfect for practicing storytelling, reading, and writing
You can download and print a family edition of Cards Against Humanity (scroll down a little way) – great for working on those language skills!
Foreman Teaches offers a free cause-and-effect game
Lemon & Kiwi Designs brings together 11 free, printable, literacy board games
Parts of Speech Bingo
Teaching Expertise has 50 ELA game ideas for middle schoolers!
Ms. Jordan Reads offers Roll-a-Dice Literacy activities (including a roll-and-write)
Your Dictionary has several ideas for elementary and middle school
We Are Teachers has 5 games to get your kids moving while learning language arts!
File Folder Fun suggests several games you can make and play with your kids to help them learn to read and write
Free Mad Libs abound online, but there are also free printables created by the Mad Libs company!
Now Spark Creativity has 10 ideas for games, even for high school students!

Check out these other English/Language Arts games!

Art Print-and-Play Games

Cathedraw looks like a fun game that’s currently being updated, again 🙂
Artsology has so many free printable games!
Art with Crystal has quite a few on offer
Picklebums created free drawing challenge cards
Adventure in a Box has free instructions for kids to create their own puzzles
If you sign up for Art History Kids‘ newsletter, you get access to their free member library
Or how about these free roll-and-draw games from How to Draw!

Free Fun Printable Games

Here is my free Family Game Night board game to help you choose what games to play!
Catan came out with a free mini-expansion as a print-and-play to help people quarantining during COVID-19
Pirates and Plunder was inspired by Carcassonne
Asmodee actually has several of their games available on their website for free Print-And-Play, including Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Story Cubes, Love Letter, and tons more! You do have to create a free account, but I think it’s totally worth it to access all these free games!
Royal Baloo has a bunch of free printables, for a variety of ages and subjects
Printable Paper has all your favorite classics – Hangman, the Dot game, Battleship, paper airplanes, and lots more
More classics from Mommy Made That
My Party Games has a good collection of party games for kids
Been There Done That Homeschool has free board game templates, so you and your kids can make your own board games to help you learn about any topic!

Want even more budget-friendly games? Check out my book, Gameschooling on a Budget!

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