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My family loves our books, movies, and TV shows, and we love games based on them! Plus, playing the game, reading the book, and watching the movie can form a wonderful foundation for a unit study. Here are our favorite games based on movies, TV shows, and books:

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Cooperative Games Based on Books, Movies, and TV Shows

The Princess Bride is a favorite movie in our house, but we haven’t read the book (yet!). There are a couple different games based on it, but we love our cooperative Adventure Book game.

Hocus Pocus is one of the hardest cooperative games my family has ever played. The only time we’ve ever won was when we cheated, but we have a blast anyway!

Hocus Pocus

I lucked out when I purchased Back to the Future: Dice Through Time. I didn’t read any of the reviews, or even a description! But this cooperative game is a lot of fun and incorporates details from all three of the movies.

Games we prefer to modify the rules for to make them cooperative

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Board Game is not my favorite game, but I love a good whodunnit and playing with our modified rules (or ditching the board altogether and just dealing out the cards to solve the crimes) can be very satisfying.

CSI board game
jumanji board game

Jumanji was one of those games that I’m so glad I bought from the thrift store! There are several different versions, so it would be interesting to see if others were any better. That said, once we made it cooperative it was much better.

Competitive Games Based on Books, Movies, and TV Shows

Fluxx comes in a variety of different versions. We have Star Trek (The Original Series) and Firefly, but they have a few different Star Trek versions, plus Alice in Wonderland. These are quick card games that change fast and are so much fun!

Fluxx Games
Villainous: Playing Mother Gothel

Villainous focuses on the villains of a number of movies. You can choose whether you want to play with Disney, Star Wars, or Marvel villains, and by carefully choosing which expansions you purchase, you can choose which villains you want to play with. Each villain has their own rules, win conditions, and cards, so it’s always a new game!

If you don’t yet own a copy of the original Catan, but have enjoyed playing it, Star Trek Catan might be just the game for you.

Star Trek Catan

Carmen Sandiego is another super fun Whodunnit type of game. It does require a bit of writing, which my kids are only just starting to do (and it’s not cooperative, so I can’t write for them), so we left our copy in storage. I look forward to playing it again, though!

Which are your favorite games based on books, movies, or TV shows? Which have we missed and need to pick up?

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