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There are so many amazing math games!! There are also a ton of games that aren’t specifically math games, but have plenty of math in their scoring. Math games were how my family began gameschooling, and some of these games remain favorites to this day.

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Math games for young children

I Sea 10!

I Sea 10! is a cute ocean-themed game that’s perfect for kids working on counting and making 10. You can modify the game to work on making 20. My daughter loved using the tokens in I Sea 10! to make her own math dice-like games.

What Time Is It? is basically Candyland, but instead of colors, it’s times on a clock. And there are no fun shortcuts. However, I love that it has four different levels so you’re able to choose the level that works best for your kids.

what time is it? game

Fraction games

Auntie Pasta's

Auntie Pasta’s Fraction Game is perfect for introducing young kids to fractions. The fractions are simple, and so are the actions.

Pizza Parlor is the game I created to work on multiplication and division of fractions. Fractions and actions in this game are more complex, however, I include rules for playing with younger kids.

Pizza Parlor's box top

Games that allow you to customize the math for each player

Math Explosion, ready to begin gameplay!

Math Explosion is just flashcards, but my kids find exploding the volcano to be highly motivating. I love that since it’s just flashcards, I can tailor the math to exactly what each child needs.

Math Dice is one of my favorite games! Simple and easy to DIY, it’s also easy to customize. You can choose different-sized dice to get different numbers (if you DIY with digital dice, you can even get more specific in your choices), you can choose whether you use one die for a target number, or whether you combine the numbers from 2 or more dice. No operation dice are included, so use whichever operations work for the situation.

Math Dice Jr
Rainbow Math 3: Pirate Adventure math game

Rainbow Math 3: Pirate Adventure is perfect for pirate-loving kids just starting to work on multiplication!

Shut the Box can be DIY’d and played with any number of players. Instructions call for only using addition, but we allow any operation.

Shut the Box math game
Frog juice cards

Frog Juice is an out-of-print favorite by Gamewright Games. Use cards to create equations to cycle through your cards so you can get and play power cards.

Sleeping Queens, another favorite by Gamewright Games, also has you creating equations to cycle through cards.

We created our own game of Math Scrabble from our old Scrabble game. The best part: we now have two games in one, as both are still playable! You can purchase similar games, though; Equate is one such.

If you want to love Math Dice but hate dice games, try Proof! It’s an equation-building card game; fun for all ages!


I have an entire post about different money games, so be sure to check that one out. There are a ton more games that include math. Look for games that cater to the particular interests of your child(ren), and then find the math within those. Most likely, there will be at least some math in the scorekeeping.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! We love sleeping queens and shut the box.

    1. You are very welcome! I hope they’re helpful!

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