Ashley Wright is a game curator and writer who creates game reviews for Gypsy Gameschooler and helps homeschooling parents have more fun with their kids so that they can build better relationships.

How you can work with me

  • Game reviews: I am always looking for more games to review. I try to keep a backlog of about 3 months, but if I’m really excited about something I’ll post something extra right away.
  • Guest posting: I love talking about gameschooling and different games, so I’m happy to write a guest post for your related blog. I’m also happy to post your related guest post on my blog. Maybe we can work out a swap?
  • Homeschooling resource reviews: Homeschoolers are always looking for new resources. I’m happy to include a review so my readers have a better idea of the possibilities that are out there.
  • YouTube videos: I also create play-through videos. My goal is for the videos to be under 5 minutes in length (sometimes more complex games need longer) without a lot of boring fluff.

Do you have an educational game?

My focus is on really fun, yet educational games. My readers know that I’m brutally honest in my reviews; I don’t want them to waste their time or money on bad games. But if you have a genuinely fun game that people want to play, then I’d love to help homeschooling families find out more about it. Let’s talk!

Gypsy Gameschooler’s Audience

Most of my readers are in the United States, though there are also some from Canada, the U.K., Australia, South Africa, and even the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Games that are most easily available in the USA will do the best, but international availability is always appreciated.


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