/ March 18, 2024

Covalence is a great game for chemistry, but no prior knowledge is required. If your family loves logic games as much as mine, Covalence will be a great way to introduce your kids to chemical formulas! This post may contain

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/ March 11, 2024

I purchased Wildcraft when I was first starting my herbalism studies. The company that makes it, Learning Herbs, has a wide variety of educational materials for kids and adults, at a variety of price points, and it’s all excellent. If

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Single-Player Games

/ February 22, 2024

Single-player games are an integral part of our homeschooling and even daily life. Turn to single-player games when: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if you click on it and make a purchase I’ll receive a small commission at

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Treasure Quest

/ February 19, 2024

Treasure Quest is another single-player logic game by Thinkfun. It’s great for those times when one treasure-obsessed child needs to be kept occupied, but no one else is free to play a game with them. Included in the game are

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Cat Crimes

/ February 12, 2024

Do you have a cat-lover who needs more game time than you can provide? Or maybe they need something quiet to do that’s not on a screen? Cat Crimes is the perfect single-player logic game for them! This post may

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Cover Your Tracks

/ February 5, 2024

Cover Your Tracks is another single-player logic game from Thinkfun. If you have a nature theme for your homeschool this year, this is the perfect game to include in morning baskets or when you need to occupy one child! Cover

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Rush Hour

/ January 29, 2024

Rush Hour is a logic-building single-player game. It’s great for any time you need one person to occupy themselves for a bit. It’s created by Thinkfun, so you know it’ll be a winner. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning

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Games Based on Books, Movies, and TV Shows

/ January 25, 2024

My family loves our books, movies, and TV shows, and we love games based on them! Plus, playing the game, reading the book, and watching the movie can form a wonderful foundation for a unit study. Here are our favorite

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Cooperative Games

/ January 11, 2024

My family loves cooperative games! They’re a great way to get lots of gameplay in while you work on strategy, logical thinking, relationships, and sportsmanship, too. We do have to be careful that one person (I’ll admit, I’m the usual

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Princess Bride: The Adventure Book Game

/ January 8, 2024

Princess Bride: The Adventure Book Game was another that I heard about and had to have. My family LOVES the movie, and I really didn’t care how the gameplay was. I’ve come to find out that there are several different

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Cauldron Quest

/ January 1, 2024

Do your kids love magic and potions? Maybe you’re doing a Harry Potter-themed month or year? Do you have younger kids? Do you want a cooperative game to help you work on sportsmanship and relationships? Cauldron Quest may be just

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Back to the Future: Dice Through Time

/ December 25, 2023

I have a confession to make. I totally bought Back to the Future: Dice Through Time on a whim. My husband loves the movies (we all enjoy them), and I saw this game and bought it for my husband as

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Hocus Pocus

/ December 18, 2023

Hocus Pocus is probably the hardest cooperative game we’ve ever played. In fact, the only times we’ve won, it’s because we cheated! (We just had to get that endorphin rush from winning, you know what I mean?) However, if you

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Forbidden Island

/ December 11, 2023

Do you need another cooperative game in your life, but your kids are outgrowing the little kid games? (Or maybe you’re just bored of them; I won’t judge!) Forbidden Island could be just the game you’re looking for. This post

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Castle Panic

/ December 4, 2023

Castles, monsters, and fighting, all in a cooperative game! Castle Panic is sure to be a winner, and with three rule variations and multiple expansions, you can readily increase the difficulty or modify it to suit your needs. Castle Panic

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Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters

/ November 27, 2023

Ghosts, treasure, and cooperative gameplay: Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters is hard to beat! Well, it’s not necessarily hard to win the game, but it’s hard to find a better game out there. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning if

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Compose Yourself

/ September 4, 2023

Compose Yourself is a really clever tool that’s, unfortunately, out of print. Even more frustrating, their website has been taken down, so you can’t even use it. However, there are workarounds, and the game is readily available on eBay. Compose

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/ August 14, 2023

My kids LOVE playing with our Bananagram tiles! If your kids are interested in playing with letters, these can be an excellent option for you. It’s easy to rearrange them to see how to create different words. This post may

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Two-Player Games

/ July 20, 2023

As a family of 4, my family is kind of the poster child for family activities. We love that it’s so easy to find games and even “family deals” that are perfect for all four of us to participate in.

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Gnomes At Night

/ June 5, 2023

If you find yourself really needing to work on your relationship with one specific child, or you have two kids that need to work on their sibling relationship, Gnomes At Night could be just what you’re looking for. It’s a

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