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Single-player games are an integral part of our homeschooling and even daily life. Turn to single-player games when:

  • You need to keep one child occupied while you work with another.
  • Someone wants to play games, but no one else wants to.
  • Kids need to be kept silent (have a baby napping?).
  • Someone needs to calm down. Using the logical parts of our brain helps us disengage our over-wrought emotions.
  • Screens are too stimulating.

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ThinkFun has Created Many Single-Player Games!

Rush Hour

Rush Hour can be noisy, but if the noise isn’t a problem, it’s a great game with cars and trucks.

Compose Yourself is a fantastic music tool. Use the see-through cards to compose pieces in 4/4 time.

Single Player Game: compose yourself by thinkfun
Single Player Game: Cover Your Tracks

Cover Your Tracks is a nature-themed logic game that will also help with spatial reasoning.

To play Cat Crimes, use the clues and the cats to figure out which cat committed each crime!

Single-Player Game: Treasure Quest

Treasure Quest is another movement game. Figure out how to move the adventurer to the treasure and then out the exit!

Code Master is perfect for you if you want to learn to code without adding screen time.

Games that Can be Played by Just One Player


Wingspan, while not designed specifically for single players, does have instructions for playing with the Automaton.

Castle Panic is a cooperative game that can be played with just one player.

What are your favorite single-player games?

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