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The world of Geography Games is quite immense! From world geography to specific countries or even cities, geography to cultures, there are a lot of possibilities.

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My favorites

Where To? is still my favorite world geography game. It’s gentle, fun, and includes cultural information as well as geography.

The World Geography Game

The World Geography Card Game is our most complete for learning about different countries, and is updated fairly often.

Scrambled States is my favorite for learning about US states – so fun and yet we learn a ton!

Scrambled States components

Continent Race is a fun geography game, but lacks any statistics or cultural information. Flags and capitals are included on the cards, but not in the gameplay.

Games that incorporate geography but it’s not the focus

Pandemic is a sure winner – cooperative, challenging, and the box is compact, too!


Trekking the National Parks is so beautiful. (And I think, when I have a chance to play Trekking the World, it’ll be my new favorite world geography game!)

Ticket to Ride – with so many different versions, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your family! I think my current favorite is New York; the game is much smaller and quicker than the original.

Passport to Culture game components
Passport to Culture game components

Passport to Culture is really unique, focusing almost entirely on cultural education, rather than geography. I think this is a definite win for anyone.

Out-of-date games (buy cheap?)

National Geographic Global Pursuit might be my favorite out-of-date geography game. Just make sure you’re ready for lots of conversations about how and why things have changed, from boundary lines to statistics to terms used. However, I do enjoy using it for history.

Cardline: Globetrotter

Cardline: Globetrotter is not only out of date, it’s also incomplete. Since it has the same sort of information as The World, I don’t think this one is worth it.

Take Off! – This one is out of date and has a really bad projection used for its map. There are so many possible projections to use, that it uses the Mercator projection kind of makes my skin crawl.

Planes and cards on the map

There are so many games for learning about geography and social studies; you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit for your family.

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