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After kids learn to count, and then to add and subtract within 10, it’s time for some slightly bigger numbers! However, usually about the same age kids are working with these slightly bigger numbers, they often go through an extra-competitive phase. This is where Sums in Space comes in to save the day!

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Sums in Space is a game for teaching addition and subtraction up to 20, and odds and evens.  It comes with the board, 4 pawns, the rocket, a +/- die, and 2d10s (2 10-sided dice).  As my kids got more proficient with arithmetic, we switched one of the d10s for a d20, to get numbers up to 30.  The instruction sheet has instructions for the “Classic Game” – how to play competitively.

There’s a cooperative option!

However, my family has always used the instructions on the opposite side, for a cooperative game.  When we got Sums in Space, my son was just going through a super competitive phase. The cooperative side of this game was such a sanity-saver!  To play cooperatively, all players work to move all the pawns to the spaceship. All players lose if a pawn is left on the board when the spaceship takes off.

The game board says it’s for ages 5+, but I think my daughter played successfully when she was 4.  We’ve always used lots of manipulatives, so having some math a bit beyond what my kids are comfortable with has never been a problem.  There are small pieces, so please be careful with little ones.

Sums in Space board

The game is well-made and has stood up well to my kids over the years.  One of my favorite things is that the box is so well-sized, without a lot of empty, wasted space – this game got to keep its box!

Sums in Space is obviously educational

A warning: this is one of those obviously-educational games.  If your kiddo has had problems with school, fights back against formal education, etc, then maybe skip this game.

Having Odd Duck and Even Steven spaces adds another great dimension to the learning; not too many games reinforce odds/evens, so it’s nice to have one that does.  Three shortcuts help to keep it fun and exciting for kids.

For kids that are the right age/skill level, and don’t mind obviously educational games, this is a sure hit, particularly with the option to play cooperatively.  Still unsure?  Check out our play through on Youtube to decide if Sums in Space is right for your family!

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