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Princess Bride: The Adventure Book Game was another that I heard about and had to have. My family LOVES the movie, and I really didn’t care how the gameplay was. I’ve come to find out that there are several different Princess Bride-themed games. While this one is on the easier side, my family loves it.

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If you know and love the movie The Princess Bride, you’re likely to love the game. There are numerous references to elements from the movie throughout, however, knowledge of the movie is not required to play the game. Furthermore, the game is cooperative, so you work together with your fellow players to beat the game.

The Princess Bride: Cooperative Storybook Game

This Princess Bride game is presented as a storybook. Each page depicts a different chapter with its own gameboard. 1-4 players can play the Adventure Book Game. There are some parts that are consistent throughout the game, but others are specific to each chapter. In a way, each chapter is like its own game. My family can usually play more than one chapter in a sitting, but I don’t think we’ve ever played the whole game at once.

The Princess Bride: Adventure Book Game

Components that are consistent throughout the game include the story deck, the plot deck, the special deck, and the replay counter. Each player is dealt four story cards at the beginning of each chapter.

Steps in a Turn

On your turn, start by moving one character one or two spaces, or move two characters one space each. Then it’s storytelling time. You can trade one card with another player, discard cards to move characters, complete challenges, play special cards, or use a miracle.

The Princess Bride: Adventure Book Game story cards
Story cards
The Princess Bride: Adventure Book Game plot cards
Plot cards

Next, draw two cards from the story deck. The story deck can be reshuffled when it runs out. The plot cards are interruptions from the grandson, and different things will happen in each chapter based on what number plot card you draw. If you run out of plot cards, though, you have to restart the chapter and flip the replay counter over. If you run out of plot cards again, you lose the game because the grandson got too frustrated and went back to his video games.

End your turn by discarding down to six cards in your hand.

The Princess Bride: Challenges

On each page, there are 3-5 different challenges. To complete a challenge, you need to use the appropriate story cards. There are 5 different types of story cards, and each is represented by a different icon. Each challenge will require 1-4 cards in order to complete them, as well as a few other requirements.

Each chapter will use different characters and different counters. Instructions in the booklet are clear and easy to follow. The way every chapter is different, it might seem complicated, but it’s not. And while this is an easier cooperative game, there are small pieces that could be choking hazards for younger children.

You can pause between chapters

If you love The Princess Bride and want an easier cooperative game, the Adventure Book Game is a wonderful choice for you. Playing the whole game at once can get pretty long (it says 15 minutes per chapter, and there are 6 chapters in the game), but it’s easy to pause between chapters and finish the game later.

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