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Spot It! is a quick, fun game perfect for kids and adults of any age! If you have a wide range of ages to keep occupied, a family get-together, or even just a few minutes while you wait at a restaurant, you can’t go wrong with Spot It!

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Spot it! cards

This game is a small, round tin of circular cards. Each card has 6 pictures on it, and every card has exactly one picture in common with every other card. There are 30 cards in a tin. How they do this I have no idea, but I have yet to find an exception, and I’ve looked!

Spot It! is a super simple game, but my kids love it. There are instructions for 5 different mini-games, but we’ve only ever played a basic matching game. In any case, this game is perfect for working on visual acuity, has no reading or math requirements, and is a fun, short game.

Spot It cards and game
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