I have a confession to make. I really like books. Really, really like books, and a lot of books. I wanted to create a list of some of our favorites to share with you, and I ended up needing to divide them up by subject and created several pages.

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My kids really like encyclopedias. At least, they really like kid encyclopedias; I doubt they’d tolerate Encyclopedia Britannica. The Explore and Learn set has 6 books, about Earth and Space, Science and Technology, The Natural World, People in Place and Time, Me and My Body, and Atlas of the World. Some of them have experiments and activities that my kids love doing.

The DK Smithsonian Picturepedia set comes with 10 books and 4 posters. The Explore and Learn books are thicker than the DK Smithsonian. Both include lots of pictures, but the font of the DK Smithsonian books is ridiculously small. I know I’m getting old, but it’s too small for me. I just handed it to my 8-year-old son, and his first comment was that the writing was “pretty small”. But then he didn’t give me the book back, and instead sat and read it, so it can’t be that bad.

-Ology Books

The -Ology Books – have you seen any of these?!? These are absolutely amazing! Chock full of information, flaps to lift, small books, letters in envelopes, and all sorts of other treasures. We have Piratology, Wizardology, Dragonology, and Dinosaurology, but if I see any more for cheap, I’ll grab them in a heartbeat. There are actually several different versions of Piratology, and I’m sure they’re all excellent. Obviously, some are more about myth and legend (Wizardology and Dragonology), but they’re references to actual lore and our cultural heritage.

Egyptorium – I did not see Egyptology for cheap, but saw this one and snapped it up. It doesn’t seem to be quite as amazing as -Ology, but it’s still pretty fantastic, with several smaller books inside, tons of information, and lots of pictures.

(I told you I had a problem! But they’re all amazing books, and I just couldn’t not tell you about them. Hopefully, you have more self-control than me.)