I have a confession to make. I hate poetry. I mean, I *really* hate poetry. I blame too much forced analysis and poetry writing in public school before I was ready for it. That said, I do feel that poetry is important, and want my kids to have access to it. We actually have several different books of poetry, but these are some of our favorites:

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Poems to See By is a beautiful collection of really famous works, interpreted by graphic artists. So you get the poem in a series of frames, with pictures. Then the poem is printed out in full, as it is generally presented. Poems are separated by category, with four poems in each category. Seeing Yourself, Seeing Others, Seeing Art, Seeing Nature, Seeing Time, and Seeing Death. Famous poets like Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, Edgar Allan Poe, and William Wordsworth are represented, along with several I hadn’t heard of previously.

Each of the poems is also presented in a different comic style. Many with color but some without, some in the style of manga, and many others. I also don’t care for graphic novels, personally, but my kids do. If you, too, have comic-loving kiddos, and you want to introduce them to some famous poetry, this might be a good book to check out.


Shakespeare’s Complete Works: A collection I bought in the hopes for the future.  The book is large and not overly well-bound, making it more delicate.  There are no illustrations, and it has Shakespeare’s original language. Therefore, it hasn’t held my kids’ interest, but again – I’m a hopeful person and look to the future.

Brick Shakespeare is a more realistic option to offer my kids. It includes four tragedies and four comedies, all presented in not just graphic novel form, but also using LEGO. I can’t think of a more perfect way to introduce comic and LEGO-loving kids to Shakespeare!